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Wonder Woman

So, I saw Wonder Woman – mostly driven by the masturbatory, leery, and condescending “fighter women be so cool yo” reviews. The movie was alright visually despite the poor make-up and weirdly digitally enhanced underarms. The dialogue was unremarkable and stilted. And the story is about another superhero saving a flawed and crappy human race because we have the capacity to love. And acting, there really wasn’t much that needed to be done, but Gal Gadot (the actress who played WW) was alright.

Here are the things I found horrid –  the need for an isolated matriarchal race to confirm to male-gaze, corporatist standards of beauty – hairless legs, threaded eyebrows, perfect coiffure. The manner in which the piddly and self-congratulatory “hero” controlled the body and dressing choices of WW (at one point he asks his colleague to help dress WW up to be “less distracting” cos he be on a mission to save da world. It is, of course, WW’s responsibility to cover up her body so the poor pilot is not distracted. I honestly didn’t see the difference between this and Indian politicians asking women to cover up).

I didn’t understand this, though – for the male character to describe himself as having a penis of “better than average” proportions – how does he know? Does he go around checking the penis size of random men?

Should you watch it? Oh yes. A brief few scenes may pass the Bechdel test – women talking to each other about something other than the scary baddie (a man) or the good person (said pilot). In a world where there are so few role models, something is better than nothing. I’ll also buy my son a WW doll in all probability – if nothing else, to talk about how patriarchy and misogyny operate. But that is not to say this movie is rubbish.