I am a doctoral candidate at the King’s India Institute, King’s College London. My research focuses on brokerage and electoral politics in Bangalore, India. Specifically, I hope to understand how the urban poor negotiate these relationships, and its relationship with electoral decision-making. My work shows the inextricability of the quest for housing from the decision-making process – and I question whether this particular condition is exploited by political parties to make inroads into urban areas. In general, I am interested in Indian politics.

Previously, I was a student at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). I have an undergraduate degree in Arts and Law from the National Law School of India University Bangalore (NLSIU). I taught an elective seminar to final year students at the NLSIU in 2012, and I hope to continue that over the years. In the past I have worked at McKinsey and Company, Bombay and in the venture fund industry before seeing the light and taking the plunge into researching politics.

I enjoy doing Bharatanatyam, running slowly, verse, and learning about handloom sarees.I have an aversion for bad science.


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